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REVE Systems Launches iTel Switch Plus Security Device

November 24, 2012

REVE Systems, the leading VoIP Software solution provider has launched iTel Switch Plus Security Device to provide a secondary level authentication to its softswitch customers and protect them from hacking and phishing incidents. This announcement was made by REVE Systems CEO Mr. M Rezaul Hassan.

Due to the increased un-authorized login attempts and hacking incidents in the VoIP industry, softswitch users have to be always careful and constantly monitor their softswitches. Industry participants often complain of hacking as one of the major challenges they face in running their VoIP systems smoothly and profitably. In order to mitigate such risks from VoIP operations, REVE Systems has launched the iTel Security Device. REVE Systems is the first softswitch provider to introduce this kind of advanced level security system in the VoIP industry.

Announcing the launch Mr. Hassan said, “We are happy to introduce iTel Switch Plus Security Device for our softswitch customers as it will provide advanced protection to their VoIP business.”

iTel Switch Plus Security Device is an electronic device, which generates a one-time password (OTP), which is required to be entered, at the time of logging in to iTel Switch Plus. This OTP provides a secondary level authentication, post the standard user name and password combination. The special feature of this device is that it generates a unique code, which is different from the previous codes generated. Now even if someone comes to know the user name and password, he will not be able to login to the softswitch account without entering the security code.

REVE Systems is headquartered in Singapore and has development offices in Bangladesh and India and branches in UK and USA. The company is RED Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Asia Winner and has also received many awards for its softswitch iTel Switch Plus, which includes 2012 NGN Leadership Award and 2011 Unified Communication Excellence Award. REVE Systems currently serves more than 1700 service providers across 70+ countries.

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