iTel Billing FAQs

What is iTel Billing?

iTel Billing is an advanced VoIP billing system integrated with iTel Switch Plus. This easy-to-use monitoring system enables the VoIP service providers/resellers to manage their billing operations efficiently.

Can I control the functions for each originating/terminating customer gateway/route?

Yes, with the help of iTel Billing- real time billing and monitoring system, you may control functions or capacity usage of each originating/terminating customer or the gateway/route options in real time.

Can I upload a list of tariffs (or rates) instead of entering tariff one by one?

Yes, this option is available on iTel Billing. You may edit your A-Z rate plan in CSV format and upload/download files for each customer/reseller.

How many gateways can I monitor with iTel Switch Plus?

You can register and monitor as many gateways as you require.

What is included in Call Detail Records (CDR)?

Call Detail Record includes: called number/Client ID, Originating and Terminating IP, Connect Time, PDD (post dial delay), disconnected calls, time of call, region, call duration, tariff, billed amount, Prefix and other parameters.

I need my employees to have the limited access to my account. Is that possible?

Yes, iTel Switch Plus offers flexible, customized role management system so that you can assign different roles to different users dynamically.

Can I check what changes my employees have made under the account ?

As an admin, you can always view this information under 'Activity log'. You can also check the payment recharge history from 'View Payment' option available on the left panel of iTel Billing.

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