Session Border Controller (SBC)

REVE Session Border Controller (SBC) is a powerful and scalable Class 4 Softswitch platform for communication service providers. With REVE SBC, your network security becomes robust and promising. Our virtual session border controller has distributed architecture for network availability & resiliency to prevent any threat. Powered with a real-time billing platform with intelligent routing, REVE SBC telecom software makes your IP wholesale business more scalable. You can manage your wholesale VoIP traffic seamlessly with REVE SBC.

Why REVE Session Border Controller (SBC)?

Robust network security under
heavy loads & DoS attacks

Distributed Architecture
for media & signaling

Session Capacity of up to 30K
Concurrent Calls with 2000 CPS

Flexible & intelligent call routing
& policy management

Performs the role of a Class 4
Softswitch for your Wholesale Business

Real-time Billing
Platform Integrated

Only SBC with Cutting-Edge Next Generation Features

Rate Plan Normalization

  • Conversion of any termination client’s rate plan format to native format
  • Easy uploading of VoIP rate plans and conversion into respective templates
  • Auto conversion of all templates into native rate plan format

WebRTC SIP Gateway

  • Complete inter-compatibility between WebRTC and SIP Gateway
  • Enables users to initiate & receive VoIP calls over WebRTC without any plugins
  • Click-to-call, video call, and video conference

Never go Negative

  • Restricts your users’ account balance from going negative
  • Real-time monitoring of running calls to check low or zero user balance
  • Automatic call drop before user account balance turns negative

Invoice Management

  • Supports Auto & Manual Invoicing with Client-to-Client Invoice Customization
  • Auto invoice system with custom invoice cycle
  • Invoice generation in both CSV and PDF format
  • Notification of invoice via both Email & SMS

Call & Route Simulator

  • Available route checking facility for your selected client and a dialed destination
  • Routing Sequence and its status checking facility among available routes
  • System will show data based on current capacity and route status

Sales Person-wise Account Management

  • Sales person-wise individual reports generation to check no. of handled clients, profit/loss status, call volume and more
  • Sales manager dashboard
  • Sales manager monitoring panel to monitor active call from his client

Core Features of Session Border Controller

Secure & Reliable

Integrated intelligent firewall for security attacks and theft of service from malformed packets, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Enhanced security/encryption services to protect your business privacy and ensure Compliance, Fraud & Anomaly Management with Two-Factor Authentication & Role-Based Access Control.

Distributed Architecture & SIP Interoperability

REVE Session Border Controller assures independent & on-demand dynamic scaling of signaling and media traffic. Media Transcoding for flexible SIP session routing. Complete WebRTC & SIP interoperability to support your business with features like video call without any additional plugins.

Available & Resilient

High availability along with network resiliency and business continuity functionality to the SBC portfolio, so that your VoIP wholesale business is always up & running. Delivers better uptime for critical customer communication. Customer satisfaction with best communication services for business growth & profit.

High Performing & Scalable

Carrier grade redundancy for assured performance, unparalleled scalability & maximum service availability under heavy traffic. Embedded policy with robust protocol interworking & traffic management helps the SBC software achieve enhanced network optimization. Session Capacity of up to 30K concurrent calls with 2000 CPS, which is ideal for a Wholesale VoIP environment.

Real Time Billing

Profitable & scalable with real-time analytics along with comprehensive LCR analysis module. Acting as the best SBC telecom software, the integrated real-time billing platform enables you to maintain hassle free billing & payment. One of the best Class 4 Softswitch solutions in the industry to manage your customer billing.

Integrated Analytics

Deep monitoring & analytics for user preferences & demands. You can track all clients’ & agents’ activity with a simplified & centralized control module. Better insights, comprehensive monitoring reports for better management.

Technical Specification of SBC

Technical Specification

Supported Protocols: H.323, SIP (RFC 3261), SIP-I, SIP-T
Media: RTP
Codec Support: Audio:In conversion mode: OPUS, G.711, G.729 and in G.723 AMR, Transparent mode all Standard codec
Video : H.263, H.264
Web Server: Jakarta, Apache
Database: Oracle, MySQL
Platform: Linux / Unix Based
Architecture: Supports distributed Architecture for Robust deployment

Supported Protocols & Session Control

  • SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566), SIP-I
  • SMPP v3.4 protocol for SMS and HTTP
  • RFC 3863, 3428, 3903, 3515
  • Caller-Carrier PTIME isolation
  • Media Monitor
  • SIP Header Manipulation/Topology Hiding
  • Error Code Adaptation
  • Support for Proxy and Non Proxy

Tones & Media Functions

  • T.38 Fax Relay Protocol

System Architecture

  • 1+1 Hot Standby
  • Supports distributed Architecture for Robust deployment
  • Real time data backup

WebRTC Functionality

  • Compatible with any client that complies with WebRTC standards.
  • SIP over Secure WebSocks
  • SIP Internetworking

Installation Platforms

  • Supports Unix/Linux Based Platform

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