iTel Security device now integrated with VoIP soft Switch for high security

iTel Switch Plus Security Device

iTel Switch Plus Security Device is an electronic device, which generates a One Time Password (OTP) or security code, required to be entered, at the time of logging in to iTel Switch Plus. This OTP provides a secondary layer authentication, post the standard user name and password combination. The special feature of this device is that it generates a unique code, which is different from the previous codes generated. Now even if someone comes to know the user name and password, he will not be able to login to the softswitch account without entering the security code.

Due to the increasing unauthorized login attempts and hacking incidents in the VoIP industry, softswitch users have to be always careful and should constantly monitor their softswitches. Nowadays, hacking has become one of the major challenges, which Industry participants face while running their VoIP systems smoothly and profitably. Hence, REVE Systems has introduced iTel Switch Plus Security Device to provide a secondary layer authentication to the iTel Switch Plus customers and protects them from hacking and phishing incidents. Now get the highest level of security for your softswitch with this amazing security device.

iTel Switch Plus Security Device

Features of iTel Switch Plus Security Device
  • Portable and handy
  • Easy to use
  • Generates unique security code
  • Provides secondary layer authentication

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