iTel MVNO Platform

iTel MVNO Platform is a White Label solution targeted to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). It allows MVNO customers to originate phone calls beyond their parent network at far cheaper rates than international roaming costs. It also allows MVNOs to offer value added services like Instant Messaging, SMS over IP, international Mobile Top Up and many more. iTel MVNO Platform enables the service provider to reduce Leg-A cost of Parent Network access. With this, the MVNO can straightaway route calls through his own Softswitch, thereby improving business margins.

Advantages of using iTel MVNO Platform

Without iTel MVNO PlatformWith iTel MVNO Platform
Connectivity only through the TDM NetworkVoice Calls & SMS are possible over IP even when user is out of your network coverage
Your network coverage depends on the infrastructure of the parent networkGo beyond the physical reach of your parent network by offering services over IP, anywhere in the world
Unified Communication (UC) services not availableUC services like Instant Messaging and Value Added Services (VAS) available
You lose valuable traffic and revenues to OTTsYour subscriber gets all OTT services under your own brand, thereby deriving higher satisfaction
Benefits of Leg-A cost reduction
Benefits of OTT service offerings

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