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REVE Systems Releases Upgrade of iTel Byte Saver, Version 2.0

October 16, 2009

REVE Systems Releases Upgrade of iTel Byte Saver, Version 2.0

REVE Systems has released the new version of their popular tunnelling product, the iTel Byte Saver version 2.0 – to have dynamic tunelling protocol change facility and lesser bandwidth consumption with RTP packet control feature.

REVE Systems, the leading VoIP solutions provider announced the release of new version of its popular tunnelling product, the iTel Byte Saver 2.0. iTel Byte Saver in conjunction with the iTel Mobile Dialer Express helps VoIP users avoid any internet firewall or network blocking issues encountered while making VOIP calls.

iTel Byte Saver 2.0 has a very unique feature, whereby one can change the tunnelling protocol dynamically, which is the first of its kind innovation in the industry. Current release version, iTel Byte Saver 2.0, is more robust and supports more than 3 times concurrent calls than the previous version of the software with increased stability.

Announcing the product release, M. Rezaul Hassan, CEO of REVE Systems said “We are happy to announce the upgrade version of the iTel Byte Saver. This version will more ensure voice packet flow over any IP network by its dynamic tunnelling protocol changing capability, which will help operators to design new products for their end users.

iTel Byte Saver 2.0 is compatible with all versions of the iTel Mobile Dialer Express and also supports the iTel Pin Protector. REVE Systems is a category leader in Mobile VoIP Space, with the flagship product, iTel Mobile Dialer Express, which helps service providers offer seamless VoIP experience to mobile consumers. REVE’s another major product is iTel Switch Plus, a complete retail VoIP switch. Product portfolio of REVE Systems includes iTel Switch Plus, iTel Mobile Dialer Express, iTel Billing, iTel Mobile CallBack Dialer, iTel Mobile CallThrough Dialer and iTel MVNO Smart.

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