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REVE Systems- Practicing Corporate Responsibility With Blood Donation & Scholarship Programs

January 7, 2011

Mobile VoIP solution provider REVE Systems practices Corporate Social Responsibility by organizing blood donations camps, health & sanitation programs and student scholarship programs.

The world is our home and we believe that the responsibility begins at home.” so state officials of REVE Systems.

REVE Systems officials say, “We understand our responsibility towards community. In our effort to identify factors to make the world better and “livable,” we initiate and support various campaigns to educate children, blood donation camps, and look for other ways to undertake the social issues like education, health and sanitation.”

…And the company walks the walk. REVE Systems recently organized a voluntary blood donation camp for its employees and citizens of city Dhaka in Bangladesh. This blood donation camp “was just another effort to make people realize their responsibility towards the community,” REVE officials said by way of explanation.

Every year, as a part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, REVE Systems organizes blood donation camp inDhaka. REVE Systems has also started a Student Scholarship Program for meritorious students who have the potential to learn and study further, but are deprived of education because they lack funds. Based on their merits and requirements, REVE Systems funds such students to study.”

The iTel Mobile Dialer Express, which is known as the lightest VoIP dialer in the industry, also won the 2009 Product of the Year by the publication. TheSoft Phoneor dialer application makes VoIP calls possible using a mobile phone connected to the Internet and is presently being offered by more than 1,200 service providers to their customers across 50 countries.

Late last year, the mobile VoIP provider’s iTel Mobile Dialer Express was awarded the 2010 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award by Technology Marketing Corporation’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

Rezaul Hassan, CEO of REVE Systems said, “REVE Systems’ iTel Mobile Dialer Express has become the industry leader in mVoIP (mobile VoIP) and has helped many service providers around the world to grow their minutes of usage and provide more choice to their consumers

REVE Systems products have become the preferred choice by service providers globally. In year 2011, the company aims to expand its business by launching few new products and also by adding new functionality to existing range of products.

REVE Systems is practicing Corporate Social Responsibility by providing scholarship to those meritorious students who are deprived of education. The company actively participates and organizes Blood Donation camps and Health & Sanitation programs for the community.

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