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REVE Systems launches iTel Mobile Dialer Express’ iPhone version for end users

September 13, 2011

Leading VoIP solution provider REVE Systems’ flagship product iTel Mobile Dialer Express can now be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store, by end users who want to make VoIP calls from their iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch.

This announcement was made by REVE’s CEO, Mr. M Rezaul Hassan earlier this week in Singapore.

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile client used for making VoIP calls.

Announcing the availability of iTel Mobile Dialer Express on Apple’s iTunes store, Mr. Hassan said, “Now VoIP users can easily download REVE Systems’ iTel Mobile Dialer Express from iTunes store. The dialer is compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS & 4G, iPod Touch and iPad.

He also added that, “iTel Mobile Dialer Express is easy to configure and users can configure it with their account details with any VoIP service provider or IP PBX/ Softswitch. This way dialer serves the needs of end-users as well as small-to-medium companies who all use it as a medium to communicate over internet.

Priced at an affordable 5.99 USD for the end users, the application is available in the iTunes store for download. Once downloaded, end users can configure it easily with the details of their IP PBX or their own service provider’s softswitch, even if their service provider does not give them Mobile VoIP options. iPhone or iPad users need to download this application and connect to internet using 3G or Wi-Fi to make cheaper long distance calls and can also save on high roaming costs when they are travelling.

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is acknowledged worldwide for its unmatched features. The dialer has been awarded as the ‘PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ for the year 2009 by Internet Telephony Magazine and also been accredited with the “EXCELLENCE AWARD 2010” by TMC.

REVE Systems is a VoIP solution provider offering a complete suite of Mobile VoIP platform, softswitch-billing and other software applications. The company currently serves 1250 service providers across 65 nations.

Headquartered in Singapore, REVE Systems has offices in Bangladesh, India and UK.

For more details on the product, please visit . Please click here to download the dialer.

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