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REVE Systems Launches iTel Mobile Dialer Express for Blackberry Handsets

June 23, 2011

Leading VoIP solution provider REVE Systems has launched iTel Mobile Dialer Express for Blackberry handsets. This announcement was made by company’s CEO M. Rezaul Hassan, during a recent press conference in Singapore today.

Announcing the launch, Mr. Hassan told the media that iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile client which facilitates VoIP calling from mobile phones. The software will now work on multiple Blackberry handsets, on OS ver 5 and 6.

Announcing the launch of Blackberry version of the dialer, Mr. Hassan said “iTel Mobile Dialer Express currently supports the largest range of Symbian based mobile handsets in the industry. With the launch of the iTel Mobile Dialer Express on Blackberry, VoIP service providers will now be able to serve their customers who use Blackberry mobile handsets.”

iTel Mobile Dialer Express on Blackberry  supports both GSM and CDMA handsets, which is the major advantage that we offer to our customers” added Mr. Hassan.

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is the leading Mobile VoIP client in the industry and also the lightest mobile dialer with respect to competition.

REVE Systems was in news recently for launching an enhanced version of audio codec conversion software ‘iTel AMR Codec Converter’; to enable VoIP on low-cost Symbian handsets.

REVE Systems is a Symbian foundation member as well as part of Nokia developer forum and Blackberry and iPhone developer community. It serves 1250 service providers across 65 countries.

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is REVE’s flagship product under mobile VoIP solutions category. The product has won TECHNOLOGY MARKETING COMPANY’s INTERNET TELEPHONY MAGAZINE ‘PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ for the year 2009 and also the EXCELLENCE AWARD 2010.

The company is headquartered in Singapore and has its offices in Bangladesh, India and UK. For more information please visit the website

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