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REVE Mobile OTT Solution Now with Several Add-on Features

November 1, 2019

REVE Systems, the Singapore based conglomerate has strengthened its Mobile OTT solution with several improved features such as Virtual Roaming, Web Messenger, and Call Conferencing (Audio & Video). REVE has already registered itself as a leading Mobile OTT provider catering to the requirements of service providers, who want to develop their own OTT app and offer add-on services apart from voice such as Instant Messaging, Mobile Top Up, File Transfer, Video Calling, etc.

According to REVE Systems Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Khandaker Raihan Hossain, “OTT is slowly becoming the next big revenue opportunity for telecom operators and also for service providers. Telecom operators are constantly losing on revenue due to mobile OTT apps, which has now a major market share when it comes to communication. So, the most viable option for operators is to create their own OTT app.”

REVE OTT has been one of the preferred choices for service providers due to the detailed customization done by the company. Apart from offering additional services to users, communication service providers can go ahead with personalized ad targeting through segmented user base to boost their revenue.

REVE Group CEO, M Rezaul Hassan, said “Mobile OTT has been one of our main focus points due to its constant adaptability among mobile operators and communication service providers. The OTT market is growing and we are quite happy to add new & advanced features in this segment.”

REVE Mobile OTT is a complete white label solution, which can be integrated with any external API for Payment Gateway, Mobile Top-up and DID Management.

About REVE Systems: REVE Systems is a Singapore-based conglomerate offering software solutions for the telecom industry. The company holds a leadership position in Mobile VoIP, Telecom Billing, and Mobile OTT Solutions. REVE currently serves, 4500+ VoIP and telecommunication service providers across 78 countries. For more information about REVE Mobile OTT Solution, you can visit

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