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Mobile VoIP on Your Android with iTel Mobile Dialer Express

July 8, 2010

REVE Systems launches iTel Mobile Dialer Express for Android phones worldwide

Leading VoIP solution provider REVE Systems has launched iTel Mobile Dialer Express- a popular mobile application for Android based handsets. The announcement was made by company’s CEO M. Rezaul Hassan earlier this week in Singapore.

Announcing the launch of Android version of the dialer, Mr. Hassan said, “iTel Mobile Dialer Express is now set to serve Android handsets users. The dialer is compatible with Android OS ver 1.6 and above as well as supports more than 60 popular Android based handsets.”

Mr. Hassan also added that, “Android is an open source OS which gives third parties the opportunity to add new applications. Also, Android is the fastest growing OS platform in the industry as it is picking up a rapid-pace in the OS market share. With iTel Mobile Dialer Express on Android, Service providers now have the opportunity to serve more number of customers.”

Recently, REVE Systems also launched iTel Mobile Dialer Express for Blackberry handsets that supports OS 4.6; 5.0; 6.0 and above. Presently, REVE Systems’ flagship product ‘iTel Mobile Dialer Express’ supports largest range of mobile platforms for VoIP calling. It is available on Symbian, Windows, Android and Blackberry. The application will be soon available for iPhone handsets.

iTel Mobile Dialer Express supports the largest range of Symbian based handsets. To view the list of compatible handsets, please visit

iTel Mobile Dialer Express has been awarded by US based Technology Marketing Corporation’s Internet Telephony Magazine ‘PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ for the year 2009 and also the “EXCELLENCE AWARD 2010”.

REVE Systems is a VoIP software solution provider that offers Mobile VoIP platform, softswitch – Billing and other software applications to the VoIP Service providers globally. It currently serves more than 1250 service providers across 65 countries.

The company is headquartered in Singapore and has its offices in Bangladesh, India and UK. For product related information, please visit the website

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