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Enhanced version of iTel AMR Codec Converter Launched, Supports Low-Cost Symbian Handsets

May 30, 2011

Service Provider’s Favourite iTel Mobile Dialer Supports low cost handsets in association with enhanced iTel AMR Codec Converter

Leader in Mobile VoIP, REVE Systems has announced upgraded version of iTel AMR Codec Converter. iTel AMR Codec Converter is a audio codec conversion software offering better voice quality and supports low-cost handsets for audio codec conversion.

To make mobile VoIP possible on low-cost handsets, the enhanced iTel AMR Codec Converter has a built-in codec conversion capability for iTel Switch Plus – company’s softswitch & Billing Platform. iTel AMR Codec Converter translates AMR codec into g729 codec so users have a better calling experience with mobile VoIP calls. This audio codec conversion software also offers support for a large range of low-cost Symbian phones and comes built-in as a feature with iTel Switch Plus.

Company’s flagship product ‘iTel Mobile Dialer Express’, which is very popular among VoIP service providers for its versatility and its ability to support largest range of Nokia handsets, will now support 24 additional handsets in association with iTel AMR Codec Converter. Please click here, to view complete list of supported handsets.

According to REVE Systems’ officials, this is the first ever codec converter dedicated to making mobile VoIP possible on low end phones. Company officials also noted that the iTel AMR Codec Converter supports any standard SIP switch when installed with iTel Byte Saver.

Announcing the launch, CEO of REVE Systems’, M. Rezaul Hassan, said “There exists a considerable market share of low-cost Symbian handsets users who want to make VoIP calls from their mobile phone; considering it an economical way to long distance calling and iTel AMR Codec Converter is a great invention for such users.”

With launch of new version of iTel AMR Codec Converter, we intend to enable VoIP service providers to serve the market share of low-end handset users.  We hope that this codec conversion software will help VoIP service providers to expand their business by offering additional list of compatible handsets supported by our solution. The iTel AMR Codec Converter gives users the opportunity to switch to Mobile VoIP and resellers get the advantage of having more mobile VoIP users” added Mr. Hassan.

As an introductory price, REVE Systems is offering iTel AMR Codec Converter for 50% off on rated price. This offer is valid till 20th June 2011. To check the pricing and buy the software, please click here.

Member of iPhone development community and Nokia developer forum, REVE Systems is a Symbian network partner and currently serving more than 1200 service providers across 60 countries.

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