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Calling Cards are back in vogue, helped by an Innovative Mobile App from REVE Systems

August 2, 2012

Mr. Adam Zakaria from Belgium has been a calling card user for the last 10 years, using the same to connect with his family based in Morocco. This was the cheapest way of getting in touch with them amongst the various telecommunication services available in Belgium. But with the advent of the mobile phone, Adam did not remember phone numbers like before when he used to dial from his landline phone at home. Increasingly, he found it difficult to use calling cards, as he had to dial multiple numbers and remember phone numbers or jot them down on a piece of paper before starting to make the calls.

In some cases, Adam had also lost money as he made some mistakes in entering numbers, which led to wrong connections and deduction of balance. So his faith shattered in calling cards, he reduced the usage and began relying on his mobile phone to make calls, albeit paying a much higher price. Due to this, his communication with family back in Morocco also reduced, which was not a happy situation for him – but he could only afford a limited number of talking minutes based on the rates charged by his mobile service provider.

A friend of Adam told him about this mobile application that he uses to make calls back home and how good the rates were. He informed Adam that earlier he faced the same problem, while using a calling card but with the use of this app, he now just selects from the phone book and dials.

Adam on hearing his friends experience decided to try this mobile app, which was being provided by Tulp Solutions, a calling services company based in Netherlands. He visited their website and downloaded the app from the Apple App store and discovered that this mobile app provided direct access to the phone book and he need not remember or dial the destination numbers any more, as reported by his friend. Adam is back to using calling cards, now through this innovative mobile application embedded on his smartphone and has increased his calls to Morocco significantly.

Tulp Solutions, a leading European Cheap International Calls Services company who introduced this mobile application in Belgium and Netherlands have seen the rapid customer adoption of this mobile app, primarily through word of mouth. Mr. Jordan Klein, Director Operations who took this initiative of launching this product said “When we launched the Mobile App, branded with our name – we just put the information on our website and had the application available on Apple App Store. Within weeks, we saw customers using our access numbers via this application and our minutes of usage (MOU) started increasing. We got thousands of new customers in Belgium in the last two months and realised that these came through existing customer referrals and word of mouth; as we hadn’t spent any marketing money behind the same. Customers use it to make cheap calls to Pakistan, India, etc. What’s also unique is that we also seeing customers who were making local mobile to mobile calls using our platform, which was not a big segment earlier”.

Mr. Klein added “We are delighted with the response this mobile app has generated and the positive impact on our revenues. REVE Systems is our partner for this mobile app and we are now working with them closely to launch this mobile app in our other brands operating in other EU countries.

REVE Systems CEO, Mr.  M Rezaul Hassan, said, “It gives us great satisfaction to hear the positive feedback from Tulp Solutions regarding our iTel Mobile Call Through Dialer. This product has been designed specifically for Calling Card providers and MVNO’s providing an access number based calling services”

REVE Systems is headquartered in Singapore and has development offices in Bangladesh & India and sales office in UK. The company currently services more than 1450 service providers across 65+ countries.

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