Mobile VoIP software with iTel Byte Saver results in Crystal Clear Voice Quality

iTel Byte Saver

  • Pass calls through any internet firewall or blockage
  • Save up to 70% on bandwidth consumption

iTel Byte Saver is a server side software application which helps VoIP service providers offer services to those clients or geographies where firewalls or blockages for VoIP exist, or to provide mobile VoIP services in low bandwidth areas.

This SIP calling software has majorly two benefits- first, it helps in bypassing internet firewall and second, it reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 70% at the originating end. Due to its efficient tunneling technology, iTel Byte Saver allows all calls made from iTel Mobile Dialer Express to pass through any internet firewall or blockage. This means that in the areas where a SIP protocol or other voice protocols are blocked, it establishes a tunnel between itself and iTel Mobile Dialer Express in order to bypass the firewall or blockage.

This app helps end users to make smooth calls from their SIP dialer even if the bandwidth is low in their mobile/data networks. Less bandwidth consumption also helps end users cut their data cost by a significant amount. Generally a VoIP call made from iTel Mobile Dialer Express on G.729 codec consumes 25 kbps; however in conjunction with this SIP calling software, the bandwidth consumption can be reduced to as low as 9.6 kbps.

It also provides NAT support to iTel Mobile Dialer Express thus preventing one way voice problem. This SIP calling software works efficiently in between the VoIP mobile client and service provider's softswitch. Calls travel from the mobile client to iTel Byte Saver and by using its efficient tunneling technology, the bandwidth optimizing software passes the calls to the mobile VoIP service provider's softswitch. The call gets registered and authenticated directly by service provider's SIP Switch.


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