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Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect?
We collect your personal information when you fill up our "Free Trial" or any other contact form. You are asked to share your name, e-mail, contact number and some company details. Apart from this, you also need to share your "Server IP", "SIP Switch IP", "Signaling Port" and "IVR Extension".

What we do with the collected information?
The collected information is used in the following ways:
1. To personalize the visitor’s experience
2. To offer a Free Trial of our listed products

What do we practice to keep the information confidential?
We maintain the collected information of service providers or end-users with utmost confidentiality. This information is never shared with any third-party entity.

What happens with the information after the trial is given?
We provide service providers/resellers with panels where they can easily edit the info anytime after the trial.

How can anyone unsubscribe our emails?
We provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email that we send out to our registered users, which are for product information, any upgrades or new features launched apart from regular company information. In case any user wants to opt-out of future communication, he can click that link anytime.

Collected data are never reused
We never use collected data for any contest or free gifting. Also, we never resell this database.

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