What is Mobile VoIP?

In simple terms, Mobile VoIP means VoIP calls through mobile phones. Traditionally in order to make VoIP calls, users needed to have Internet connectivity and a device. Personal Computers (PC) or VoIP adapters are usually used for this purpose. This limits the users of VoIP to their home or office environment as they require a fixed device and broadband internet connectivity.

Mobile VoIP solutions from REVE Systems have brought drastic changes to this scenario. With this user friendly, VoIP Mobile Client, the ‘iTel Mobile Dialer Express’, one can now make VoIP calls from their mobile phones with complete ease. So, now experience the mobility and superior voice quality along with the economics of VoIP with this Mobile VoIP Software.

How to use Mobile VoIP Services?

In order to use Mobile VoIP services, cell phone users need to download the mobile client ‘iTel Mobile Dialer Express’ in their mobile handset. Once the Mobile VoIP Software is downloaded and configured with the service providers account details, VoIP cellular users can start making VoIP calls from their regular mobile phones. However, the VoIP cellular users just require GPRS/3G or Wi-Fi access for making these calls.

In order to get the Mobile VoIP benefits, users need to check the following:

  • They have GPRS/ 3G/ Wi-Fi access.
  • They have a GPRS/3G or Wi-Fi enabled handset.
  • They have a compatible handset, which supports this VoIP Mobile Client. To check the list of mobile handsets compatible with iTel Mobile Dialer Express,click here

To know more about Mobile VoIP and how it can change the way you communicate, please email to info@revesoft.com


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