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iTel PC Dialer

This iTel PC Dialer is a software application, which is installed in a desktop computer or laptop for making VoIP calls. This PC to phone dialer is fully compatible with iTel Switch Plus and other standard SIP switch. For example, it works smoothly with Software or Softswitch, VoIPSwitch, DIGITALK, Nexgen, Porta, iTel Switch Plus etc. iTel PC Dialer offers easy control of speaker and microphone volumes.

Itel PC Dialer Image

This iTel PC Dialer comes with full branding option. Look and feel of the PC to phone dialer can be fully customized according to the service providers' choice.

For making PC to Phone calls, end users can see their balance on the Balance Display Panel. With the help of the minimize button, this PC 2 Phone dialer can be kept running in the background while not in use.

Highlighting Features

  • Call log facility for all successful calls.
  • Easy PC to phone calls
  • Phonebook integration.
  • This PC 2 Phone app supports G729 and G711 codecs.
  • Use of efficient Echo Canceller.
  • It uses comfort noise generation technology for better end user experience.
  • It can pass through any firewall in combination with iTel Byte Saver.
  • It can work smoothly in a low bandwidth scenario with iTel Byte Saver.
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