Package NameDetails (Concurrent registrations with Single Switch IP)Price
Super Mini Gold100 CR700$
Mini Gold200 CR1250$
Mini Platinum200 CR3500$
Easy Gold500 CR3500$
Easy Platinum500 CR5500$

Hosted iTel Dialer Plus
Concurrent RegistrationPrice (iTel Dialer Plus with Byte Saver)
50 CR125 $
100 CR250 $
150 CR350 $

Licensed iTel Dialer Plus
Packages(Licensed Version)Concurrent RegistrationPriceMonthly RentQuarterly RentSemi AnnuallyAnnually
Mini Plus200 CR2000$80$240$400$700$
Easy Plus500 CR2700$115$345$550$1000$
Gold Plus3000 CR5500$275$750$1200$2000$
Platinum Plus3000 CR7500$275$750$1200$2000$
Byte Saver rent for iTel Dialer Plus Licensed Version

PlatformConcurrent RegistrationWhite-label Branding / CustomizationPrice

Package NamePrice
Single OS with one DID Access Number2500$
Any one OS under same DID Access Number of primary OS2500$
Additional DID Access Number under any existing Branding1000$
Additional Branding under existing DID Access Number1000$

Licensed Version
Package NamePrice
iTel Byte Saver for Super Mini Gold2300$
iTel Byte saver for Mini Gold3500$
iTel Bye saver for Easy Gold4000$
iTel Byte saver for Gold Regular & Platinum5000$
Additional Byte saver for Gold Regular2500$
Additional Byte saver for Platinum2500$
Hosted Version
Package NamePrice
iTel Byte Saver for Super Mini Gold with Shared Server200$
iTel Byte Saver for Mini Gold/Mini Platinum with Shared Server300$

Licensed Version
ProductDetails(Licensed Version)Concurrent CallPrice(One Time)
iTel SwitchSingle Server based licensing500 CC2500 $
iTel SwitchSingle Server based licensing1000 CC5000 $

Hosted Version
Concurrent CallDedicated ServerPC DialeriTel Byte SaverMonthly Rent

iTel Switch Additional Modules
Additional ModulesApplicable for both Licensed & Hosted versionPrice (One Time)
Switch Partitioning2500$
Reseller Partitioning1000$ for 10 Partition
Call Shop1,000$
Auto Sign Up500$
Calling Card Platform1500$
Alternate Reseller billing500$ for Licensed Version
250$ Hosted Version
Mobile Billing500 $
Mobile Top-up1000$ for Licensed Version
250$ Hosted Version

Package NamePrice
PC Dialer with iTel Switch500$
PC Dialer with Any SIP Softswitch1000$

Hosted Version
Concurrent CallSetup Cost(One Time)Monthly Rent
100 CC25$20$
200 CC25$30$
300 CC25$40$
400 CC25$50$
500 CC25$60$

Licensed Version
DetailsSetup Cost(One Time)Price
Backup server from our side25$65$ (Monthly Rent)
Web Data backup with Replication25$1500$ (One Time)
Only Web Data backup25$500$ (One Time)

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