Mobile VoIP-The Next Big Opportunity

In simple terms, Mobile VoIP means making VoIP calls through mobile phones. With the increasing smartphone penetration and the usage of mobile internet (3G, 4G and WiFi), Mobile VoIP is constantly gaining ground. Apart from low cost calls, Mobile VoIP facilitates IP Calls, SMS, Mobile Top Up and a host of Value Added Services (VAS). Hence, more and more service providers are reclining towards Mobile VoIP to attain higher revenue.

According to Juniper Research, there will be over one billion Mobile VoIP subscribers by 2016. Hence, in order to cater to the requirements of this industry, an estimate of 10,000 service providers is required.

Who is a VoIP Service Provider?

A VoIP Service Provider is one, who provides voice over internet telephony solutions to resellers or end users. For this, the service provider allows origination of calls on Mobile Phones, IP Phones & PC of his users and terminates these calls to another IP phone or traditional mobiles/landline over the internet by utilizing packet-switched telephony

What a VoIP Service Provider can offer?

Calling Cards

  • Offer VoIP calling and calling card experience on a single platform
  • Automated calling card experience
  • Freedom from dialing access number, pin number and destination number

IP Calls

  • Low cost calls to mobile and landlines
  • Offer unlimited Peer-to-peer calls


  • Amazing Value Added Services
  • Offer more on VoIP
  • Friend Chat, Astrology Live and many more

Instant Messaging

  • Allow peer to peer Texting / Chatting
  • Facility to set & modify Online Status
  • Option to send the IM as SMS when buddy is offline
  • Attractive emoticons add spice to chat


  • Offer SMS facility on VoIP
  • Low cost international SMS over IP

Mobile Top Up

  • International Mobile Top Up facility
  • Recharge any mobile number from any location
  • Enable your customers with the ability to gift Mobile Top Up anywhere in the world

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