Automated calling card experience along with Mobile VoIP

iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer

iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer is a mobile application, which automates the use of calling cards and provides IP calling facility. This PINless calling software allows users to make VoIP calls from their mobile phones. For internet connectivity, iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer supports 3G/4G and GPRS.

Users can get automated PINless calling card usage experience, which means they need not require to remember the access number, PIN number, and destination number, every time while using a calling card.

For VoIP calling and calling cards usage, iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer directly integrates with the phone book of the mobile user. Hence, calling card users can now not only go PIN – less but also number – less as they need not dial any destination number.

Being a service provider, now you can offer twin advantages to your customers as with this single PINless calling software app, you can allow them to make VoIP calls from their mobile phones as well as use calling cards in an automated way.

iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer supports iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms, which provides flexibility to the users. As a service provider, you can also run the iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer under your own brand name.

Features of iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer:

  • A single application for Mobile VoIP and PINless Calling Cards usage
  • Provides mobile friendly calling card experiences
  • Integrates with mobile phone book
  • Complete branding opportunity for service providers
  • Supports iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms
  • Freedom from remembering access number, PIN number and destination number
  • Display of account balance facility

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